POETRY: Dripping Springs

By the springs that gave it its name,

Where the pioneers dared to travel,

Here, a growing land of mystery, yet of fame,

That’s potential is not yet realized, and starting to unravel.

The great Indians now in honor rest,

Just like the settlers now in history,

And time may make us forget, the best:

The nature that was once here, that was free.

On this hilly land tonight,

After the grand sundown’s descent is nigh,

I recall all of this land’s past, clear and bright,

To the shining, magnificent starry night sky.

Heart, that made us travel here,

Destiny, that put us here,

To nature and time, I ask, without fear,

Allow the hill country spirit to last and stay near!

By Maximilian Hodsden, Contributor

Maximilian Hodsen describes himself as an”18 year old visionary, lover of cheeses, [and] loves using the word ectetera.”

Featured Photo by Savannah Karas

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