Friday Night Sights: Spotlight on New Dance Ensemble

The bright, beaming lights shine on the football field for another Friday Night Lights. The halftime performance groups make their way down to the field, while the crowd roars with excitement, but wait there is a new group walking with them and it is the Dance Ensemble ready to showcase their skills.

Dripping Springs High School has recently had a new addition to the band. The group goes by the Dance Ensemble and dance on the junior varsity team, The Dazzlers. The dance ensemble goes to all the football games to visually enhance the performance of the band and they do sections of choreography with flags and without.

“This venture has been a great addition to what we’re able to offer to the audience and the judge,” Woods said. “It has been a very positive experience so far!”

This new addition not only has affected the audience though. This opportunity has given the dancers an opportunity to improve memory.

“I feel like its helped me learn choreography better and faster because we have to learn it on Thursday or Friday,” freshman Riley Rivas said. “Then we’ll have to perform on Friday for football games.”

Not only does the Dance Ensemble group perform at games, but they also get to go to all the marching band competitions as well. They have to be prompt and ready to compete alongside the color guard and band. When they’re there, however the pressure is on.

“The whole team gets so nervous when they are calling out the teams that make finals, so we all hold pinkies and hope to make finals,” freshman Kyla Tipton said. “I love competitions though. They are so fun and you get to have a great bonding experience with your team. I also like it when we play team building games to make us less nervous because you are preforming In front of hundreds of people.”

While they do not dance at football games and competitions they practice the choreography for them and prepare. The work put in has helped these girls out physically and mentally.

“I feel like this has made me a much better dance because it has boosted my confidence and technique skills,” sophomore Ava Painovich said.

Though this may seem like they are a part of the colorguard they are not. The different things the Dance Ensemble and the colorguard do seperate the two since the Dazzlers do a different type of choreography.

“It’s different from color guard because we dance without the flags and color guard is dancing with the flags,” freshman Emilee Spridgen said. “We have some flag parts and then we have some dancing parts as well.”

Even though they aren’t part of the color guard doesn’t mean they don’t talk to them. The two groups have gotten to know each other over the past few weeks working together.             “I enjoy the people on the team [color guard and dance], its given me a chance to get to know the dancers better and make new friends on color guard,” Painovich said. “The overall experience is also always new and exciting.”

By Abby Hernandez, Contributor

Featured photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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