The Artists DSHS Believes Are on The Come Up

Still Woozy:

The funky, alternative artist alias Still Woozy is actually a solo artist named Sven Gamsky. The unique and fun sound Still Woozy is providing for their listeners is what seems to make DSHS think this artist is on the come-up. 

Lil TJay: 

This rapper has caught the ears of many DSHS students with his catchy verses and unique beats. Building himself from SoundCloud to Columbia Records, Lil Tjay seems to be the rapper to watch out for.

Oliver Tree: 

This abstract, and humor-oriented artist is coming out with fresh alternative music. With appeal to the meme gods and alternative lovers, the students of DSHS think Oliver Tree will be on most everyone’s radar very soon. 

Omar Apollo: 

This soulful and groovy hopeless romantic from Indiana puts a psychedelic twist on R&B. And the students of DSHS are on the lookout for his next drop.

By Maddie Lewis, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Vishnu R Nair on Unsplash

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