Fresh Off the Runway: How Tik Tok Fame Effects Local Teens

A grandchild; one that picks up this ancient piece of technology with a half bitten apple on the back; it was their grandparents. They begin to scroll through dozens of videos. One has them singing a song about being “fresh off the runway,” while another they look worried about hitting or missing. There are these chunky white Filas shoes and a blond lady sipping a drink that smells like a “public restroom.”

This scene may describe a moment decades later but these videos show a reality we live in with Tik Tok. The social networking app Tik Tok illustrates a video sharing platform that now has over a billion users worldwide and now has a worth of nearly $75 billion. Tik Tok constitutes, most notably, trends that usually are based upon different songs, that often produce different actions and text interactions specific to the trend. These videos have come to impact social media greatly, whether through views or just sheer amount of these videos; because of this, one can not only achieve fame, but one can search for it.

“We were like ‘We should learn the dance’ and so we made a Tik Tok and people just, they loved it,” senior Katie Haberman said. “We were just watching it one day and it was like  ‘OK cool,’ it got up to fifteen thousand likes ‘That’s awesome! That’s great!’ Then it stopped and then it just exploded again and we were just amazed, shocked, in complete disbelief, best moment of my life.” 

This idea of reaching stellar success on the platform shows itself well in different content creators, like ‘Kombucha Girl’ or Brittany Broski for instance, who had a relatively small amount of followers before her infamous Kombucha tasting Tik Tok.

“No, it really was a stupid idea that came into my head and I was like this will be funny to my five followers,” senior Brandon Amaya said. “I really didn’t think anything would come with it. At first, I thought it was really funny because it was like the stupidest video I have ever made. Then, I started freaking out because of all the attention it was getting, it’s kind of scary.”

Reaching into the pot of fame can provide different people, different results. Whether one gains fans or a larger audience, there surefire will be critics and “haters.”

“I’ve also had people say ‘ew you do Tik Tok that is so gross’ but then I see they are following me on there and I’m like okay you’re a hypocrite, I see you,” junior Liza Jarrett said. “I can see the type of person you are.”

Social media success impacts a lot, very quickly and with Tik Tok being the most downloaded non-game app on the Apple App Store in the first quarter of 2018, one can get known and recognizable extremely fast. In which, the effects can show itself in the local community, such as here in school.

“One time in the hallway, I was walking,” Haberman said. “And someone pointed at me and said ‘I saw you on Tik Tok’ and then I was like yes, thank you. I am humble about it.”

Trying to get famous on Tik Tok may just be chasing waterfalls, leaving you needing a perc and a therapist too. You might look so obsessed, or you could think you’re catching feelings, and you have to look fresh off the runway. Wait a minute! I smell cap, ride it, just lose control, this fame wave may be a 223 to the heart.

“Know what you are signing up for, there isn’t one surefire way to get Tik Tok famous,” Jarrett said. “You have to be creative, have good lighting, good backgrounds, it has to be good quality and also the ideas have to be original. Don’t go around stealing other people’s content. It’s fun but it’s not easy.

By Ethan Everman, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Teagan Krewson of Brandon Amaya

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