An Inside Look Into Team Tennis, Postseason Goals

78 feet of green means something entirely different when it comes to this sport, whether its doubles or singles tennis is swinging into action.

This season has been nothing short of a winning season as the Tiger varsity tennis teams sweeps competitions and wins district undefeated, looking to make a long postseason run. 

“I think we have a really strong team this year. I mean I know like this year were really emphasizing teamwork and working together and our chant now includes better together, so I think we’re really strong this year,” said third year varsity tennis player junior Tallulah Andrushko.

Sophomore Kalea Caldwell prepares to hit the ball in a meet against Vandegrift on October 9th. Photo by Nadia Saba.

Losing a lot of seniors from the past season, this years team involves a lot of class diversity, meaning the team is comprised of members from every class from freshman to senior. 

“This season we have a lot of younger players, a lot of younger classes who are stepping up and playing a position where their helping out the teams, whereas the past few years its been mainly juniors and seniors on the team,” said four year varsity tennis player senior Jefferey Walker. 

The team finished district by defeating Lockhart in their last district tournament, winning 10-0, securing the district championship for the 2nd year in a row. Moving on to bi-district the team swept the competition and remains undefeated, but then the team fell short in their regional-qualifier tournament, losing to Bourne Champion 10-9, ending the 2019 Fall tennis season. 

“Not the best way to lose but I think everyone did their best and worked really hard so it was a good season,” said Walker.

Tennis plays in both the fall and spring, the fall season focuses more on competing as a school team while in the spring they still compete under Dripping Springs High School but the focus is much more individual based.  

“All I’ve ever known is being by yourself and so you don’t really support anyone else that plays you, because you’re always playing against them so anyone you’re ever around your like ooo I hope you lose you know, but not like in a bad way, but it’s just the competitiveness and so you never had a family or a team or anyone cheering for you or anyone you can cheer for, so that all came with the team. You were taught how to cheer everyone on when they were doing bad, how to cheer people up, how to handle the nerves as a team because your not alone anymore,” said second year varsity tennis player sophomore Whitney Robbins.

By Grey Patterson, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Nadia Saba

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