Q&A With Kyler Myers, Senior Cross Country Runner

What he enjoys about cross country:

“That I enjoy running cross country because it has a sense of family that comes from such a huge group of people that get along with each other and it’s just really fun to be a part of its culture.”   

How cross country impacted him:

“It’s definitely changed my view of life because of the endurance needed which calls for a ton of training. This changed my view to become more patient and I’m able to just let things play out.”

What happens during a race:

“At the start of the race I think to myself I’m feeling amazing, but then at about the two mile mark I think I‘m going to die, and then at the three mile mark I tell myself just to push through and when I finally finish I feel accomplished that I actually just did that.”

The feeling of a personal record:

“My PR (personal record) is 16:59 and it’s the best sense in the world, because you ran the best you could and you feel amazing at the end of the race. It’s that sense of  accomplishment that stands out the most to me because of the visual improvement.

Plans after high school:

“I’m not going to run in college but I’m definitely going to run in college for fun. I want to keep on doing this because I love the community that comes with that even just to do it for fun. I also love the conversations I get to have during and that’s what separates it from other sports. So I think it’s cool how close you can get to people just by running.

By Grant Williams, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Massimo Sartirana on Unsplash

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