The In’s And Out’s of the Tempest: Q&A With Cast and Crew

“What genre would you say this play falls under?”

“I would say sort of like fantastical, with elements of magic and such. It’s also, at its core, just a story about forgiveness and love.” -Austin Harper, cast

“A little bit of everything! You’ve got the romance, you’ve got the drama, you’ve got comedy, and you’ve got the sort of vengeful, Shakespeare feel.” -Caroline Sprague, crew

“What is the biggest struggle in getting a production together?”

“The biggest struggle with starting a production and really building it from the ground up would be finding the rhythm of everything and just getting in that current. Once you find that all of the pieces start coming together.” -Austin Harper, cast

“For me, as the publicity manager, the biggest struggle would probably be trying to get the word out about the show not only in the school, but also outside of the school and into the community.” -Caroline Sprague, crew

“What all are you doing to prepare for this show?“

“When you’re working with Shakespeare specifically, you have to spend a lot of time on the words you’re saying, and finding the meaning in them, and figuring out how to accurately relay that to an audience.” -Austin Harper, cast 

“Can you give me a quick and simple synopsis of the play itself? (Without spoiling it of course)”

“A woman and her daughter, who are both living alone on an island. The woman is sorceress, so she creates this storm out of revenge to shipwreck these people from her past. Eventually, her character learns forgiveness and you get to be apart of that journey.” -Austin Harper, cast

Cast member perform one final time at dress rehearsal before opening night on October 26. Photo by Jessica Stamp

By Maddie Lewis, Staff Writer
Featured photo by Jessica Stamp

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