NBA Predictions and Expectations

As the heat goes out and the cold comes in you can just feel the anticipation for this year’s NBA season. With all the movement of players and trades it is looking to be the start of a new era, because of the evolution from superteams to dynamic duos.

Sophomore William Pittman said, “I’m excited to see how the dispersions of superstars plays out with no real super teams.”

“I think this year’s rookie class is one of the most talented classes that there’s ever been. Obviously every year there’s a lot of talent, but this year there is a lot of potential for stars.” said senior Mitchell Williams.

Some names that make up that rookie class are, Zion Williamson and RJ Barret from Duke, and Ja Morant from Murray State. They all have the potential to be the head of the NBA in the future.


“The Spurs will miss the playoffs for the first time in 22 years because I think Chris Paul will take The Oklahoma City Thunder to the playoffs in their spot.” sophomore Johnathon Byrnes said.

“I think the Nuggets will win the finals, because they’re very deep and center Nikola Jokic will have a monster season with the help of new rookie add on Michael Porter Jr.” freshman Nate Newman said.

Sophomore Carter Lee said, “With all the trades that went down during the offseason I think the Los Angeles Clippers will have a breakout season. They were able to add stars Kawhi Leanard and Paul Geoge, two of the best defensive players in the league, and I think Kawhi is probably the best overall player because of what he was able to do on the Toronto Raptors and leading them single-handedly to their first NBA finals win.”

Story by Grant Williams, Staff Writer

Featured photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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