Theater Presents “The Tempest”

Opening on October 26, DSHS is presenting their annual fall show, Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The show will have five performances, October 26-27 and November 1-3.

 “It’s emotional, funny, heartwarming, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, awesome. Literally there is something for everyone to enjoy: there’s tea-spilling, sword fights, magic, romance, even SINGING,” senior cast member Ryan McCartney said.

On opening night, the company will have worked on the show for two months. They’ve rehearsed every Tuesday and Thursday since the beginning of the school year, with additional Monday and Saturday rehearsals.

“[You can expect] lots and lots of amazing acting and tech,” sophomore cast member Arwen Kubicek, said.

The cast has been focusing a lot  on analyzing Shakespeare’s words to make them more exciting and easier for the audience to understand.

“I’ve never had to do this much work and research for a show because to understand what the characters are actually saying and translating it all into modern text has been very challenging and very fun. The most challenging thing [about this show] is taking the older text and making it sound real, believable, and natural and not like Shakespeare,” Muscanere said.

Making Shakespeare come to life is also a big focus with the crew. This year, the crew wanted to go above and beyond with the set. They’ve built a massive 3 story set made of wood.

“It looks amazing! The techies have worked so hard on it and it’s a set you wouldn’t think a high school would do,” Kubicek said.

The main component of the set features a large ship made entirely from students.

“Bro where do I even start? It’s so cool and they really went all out this year to make it feel like an actual boat. I also really love how close the audience is to the actors, it gives it a really personal feel that just makes the show so much better,” Muscanere said.

As hard as the company works, they also have lots of fun together when they’re not working.

“To be honest, the company is just your average student. Except for that fact that we’ve bonded so much, have inside jokes, and work SUPER hard. Yes we’re theatre kids, but we’re not weird,” freshman cast member Emma Satine said.

“Everyone is friends, and if someone gets into a fight, they always forgive each other. Thankfully there isn’t a lot of drama,” freshman cast member Rylie Jensen said.

Coming out and supporting the theatre department allows for the directors to come up with new ideas for future productions.            

McCartney said,“If you don’t come and see the Tempest, I will dispense a plague on both your houses.”

Story by Taylor Barnett, Intro to Journalism

Featured photo from @dshstheatr on Instagram

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