POETRY: The Tarnished Sun’s Harvest

I peek around the corner and

I smile upon you as the day begins,

See you as you go off to work,

Beam, much to your chagrin

In the beginning

Then I have a clear view

As I surpass the corner

And say goodbye to my crew

Of friends, Sky and Sea;

I feel a bit warmer with passion,

As I long to join you in your fervor of work

But I begin to fall, ever so slowly,

And my sight dims;

I feel oppressed by darkness,

And I see that the corner nears;

The heat has gone, along with you, my lust lost

As the darkness closes in;

You may see beauty in this moment

But all I see are my colorful tears

I return to the corner to meet Sky and Sea

But don’t feel welcomed by them

For I long to work with you, O tiller of Earth

But my daily cycle takes me away

Against my will, I always move in time

My moods shift constantly, with the passing of light

Even though it should be my will to choose the length of my light

So I choose to make sure I can soon meet you, O tiller of Earth

Alas, Moon, she steals my day from me

And for many hours that turn into painful millennia

I await when I can spy you again, O tiller of Earth

But I watch you, removed, as you soon grow old

As all the others have

You wither under my harsh beaming smile

Ah, yes, it is your time to leave my friend Earth

So as you pass beyond, I wait to see you among the stars

You will be mine, my new companion,

Along with Sky and Sea and Earth and Moon

You will be my tiller, O tiller of Stars

By Makayla Banton, Contributor

@makaylajo_14 on Instagram

Baton writes, “This poem is very much fictional, but it is about how the sun longs to be among the humans on earth and befriend them, then she turns to killing them in order to be with them. The poem also follows her as she goes throughout the stages of the day. I thought it would be interesting to explore that, and this poem is what came out of that experiment. I believe it represents the longing to be like everyone else, and sometimes that can lead to poor decisions.”

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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