Q & A with Trace Young: New Season Brings Additional Motivation, Challenges

Q: Being the athlete that you are you could have played any sport what stood out about basketball?

A: “Since I was younger I’ve always liked the hype that comes with basketball. Obviously there’s always the fun parts like the crosses, dunks, and the crowd’s always into it, but it’s a lot of skill and pure athleticism that stuck out.” 

Q:What is your motivation for this year?

A: “Wanna go to state with a really good record and try to undefeated in district.” 

Q:How have you been able to prepare yourself for the role you have on this team?

A: “This summer played select, but mainly just always hoopin, trying to stay in shape.”

Q:What kind of work have you put in to get your game to where it is?

A: During school practice and there’s a few of us that stay after every day, and we’re able to get a lot skill work like ball handling, shooting, and agility. Also my friend Jadon and I will lift after practice trying to get bigger.”   

Photo by Ana Smith

Q:How will your have improved from last year to this year?

A: “I feel like last I was kinda just a catch and shoot guy. so I tried to ad in more driving, attacking, and slashing, but still be able to have that strap. Overall just be more of a playmaker and get other people involved.”  

Q:What obstacles have you come across while trying to get to where you are now?

A: “last year was kinda tuff with the roster because we were so deep and we played so many guys, which ended up being really good for us but I was so used to being on like a seven man team so it took some getting used to.”

Q:When will you know that the work you’ve put in to get to this point was worth it?

A: “I think we’re gonna know pretty early during the season we got a lot of changes but I think we’re definitely gonna be able to tell how we’re doing to improve, but our record will definitely show that work at the end of the season 

Q:You recently visited TCU how did that come about?

A: “Well, they came to some of my games this summer, and they asked me a lot of questions about the program. They invited me to one of their recruiting camps so I went to that, and we’ll see what comes from that like partial overs or maybe even a full ride. They gave me tickets to a football game and I liked the campus but I’m probably going to see what else I get by the end of this year and then, I’ll decide.” 

Q:When you think about the possibility of playing D1 what goes through your head?

A: “Excitement I guess, obviously there’s gonna be nerves playing in front of a lot of people, you know people are counting on you, people’s jobs depend on how you play. So there’s a lot of nerves but also excitement because I’ve been playing my whole life just waiting for moments like that.” 

Q:What other colleges have you visited and why does TCU stand out to you, if it does?

A: “I’ve been to a lot; Lehigh, had an official to Harvard that was really fun, UC San Diego, places like that. But TCU is in tough conference where the teams we’re playing are really good, and it’s a really nice place, because like Lehigh they’re D1 too but there is just that feel on the TCU campus that wants their team to succeed, and they have pride.”

By Grant Williams, Staff Writer

Featured Photo by Ana Smith

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