Humans of DSHS: Margot Heltzel

Margot Heltzel, freshman.

“6th grade was a particularly bad year for me, I would wake up and it (anxiety) would be the first thing I would think about, when I would go to be it would be the last thing I think about. It would be in my dreams. It would be in every second of everyday. Just like these thoughts I was having, these intrusive thoughts. I just felt like I couldn’t escape it. It took so long for me to get rid of that feeling, of every minute of every day feeling that way. I took me a little over a year. But when I stopped feeling that way I told myself you just gotta stop caring. Now I feel like my attitude is very different to what it was before, because when something bad happens i don’t even care anymore.”

By Tia Davsion, Contributor

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