Who Runs Pound Town Press?

Dripping Springs. A town that, to most, symbolizes Southern ideals of family, fun, and Texas pride through reputable news sources. But beneath the surface lies a new community, a community dedicated to the pursuit of satirical information made public via its own news source: The Pound Town Press.

The Pound Town Press first surfaced in August 2019 with the article “Satirical News Site Emerges in Dripping Springs” that satirized the publication’s own existence. It’s clear that the website was written with humorous intent; however, the mystery lies within the author. After polling students from around the school, a few top guesses as to who the author is emerged: seniors Kearson Erwin and Madeline Tredway, junior Lila Robbins, and Jessica Stamp, journalism teacher.

“It’s very honoring, that people would consider me to write such a, what’s the word for it,” Erwin said, “prestigious news source for people. It’s really an honor.”

Other candidates had opposite reactions when labeled as the author. Junior Lila Robbins couldn’t even grace the accusation with a full answer, using only one word to convey her feelings.

“Dishonored,” Robbins said in response to the charge.

Though none of the interviewees could confirm their involvement, each has a different background that might point toward their participation in writing for the website. Tredway, Robbins, and Stamp are each involved in either teaching or learning about journalism and/or creative writing; alongside this, Erwin, Robbins, and Tredway each believe in the movement to rename Dripping Springs ‘Pound Town,’ the titular inspiration for the Pound Town Press.

“I bought a ‘Welcome to Pound Town’ shirt when it was going around,” Erwin said. “I feel as though it would be very humorous to be able to one day say that I grew up in Pound Town, Texas.”

Since no candidate offered a confession, each person came forth with ideas on what they would include in their version of the website. A few topics included the anime club (Robbins) and the large amount of new teachers at DSHS (Tredway).

“I would probably try to do more everyday life type of satire. To me, that’s like the funnier things that people don’t notice.” Stamp said. “I hope that’s not what they’re doing because now I’m implicating myself.”

A few respondents also came to their own conclusions about who they might implicate if given the chance.

“I think it’s a sophomore or a junior,” Erwin said. “I don’t think it would be a senior. Whoever the original author is, if they would like me to help contribute I would be more than willing to help.”

Unfortunately enough, the author has yet to be discovered. If any information arises, please do not hesitate to contact the DSHS Paw Print at @my_dshs_news. Until then, head over to @poundtownpress on instagram to follow the source itself.

“I think it is a very honorable, noble establishment and enterprise,” Tredway said. “And that’s what I want on the record.”

By Katie Haberman, Features Editor

Featured Photo by Ramsey Hutton

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