Sardines or People? Overcrowding Results in Various Implications

Just like a growing child needs more room to live, so does that of a growing town. The explosive growth of Dripping Springs proves greater inside the classroom, or in this case the high school. The staggering amount of students that enter the doors of the high school illustrates a major problem, space. Hallways can only be so wide, classrooms so big, and the school is filling up quickly, seemingly faster than the building can handle.

Students crowded at tables during lunch. Photo by Savannah Karas.

In the summer of 2019, Dripping Springs decided to begin construction on an entirely new section on the school, to much dismay to the D lot parkers, as a way to curb student density. In truth, however, there lies a glaring problem with this solution, it will only raise school capacity to 2500 students, while currently 2150 attend DSHS. Now this may seem like an unjustifiable problem, yet with the town growing by ⅕ its size every year, this problem will become major, quickly. 

By continually disregarding the problem at hand, the district may yet create a massive overcrowding issue synthesized by the events happening now.

The schools growth and its woes also illustrate the town’s growth and its pains. Dripping Springs in 2016 grew by 25.66%, a massive increase in not only people but also the services that those people want or need. This growth as reflected in the community also reflects itself in the schooling that community requires. If this growth doesn’t affect the high school now, it definitely will in the future, which, as it were, will not be that far off.

The DSHS administration decided to try and curb the crowd density by constructing a new wing to the entirety of the school. By creating this new part of the school, DSHS successfully adds room for 2500 students, a nice rounding total to our current 2150. This construction provides the necessary means of room to teach such a massive population of students, yet like any solution there lies problems with it. The space needed to facilitate the new construction equipment takes over half a parking lot, a major issue to the high schoolers that park in such lot.

Students eating on overflow tables in the hallway next to the gyms. Photo by Savannah Karas.

Another issue spawning from the amount of people that reside in the school, illustrates the idea that walking the halls could prove dangerous. By crowding so many individuals inside a small space with a time limit, it only hinders forward movement. The crowds that develop in the PAW in the morning only bolster the point of crowding. The lunch room capacity cannot sufficiently provide enough space for everyone to eat. 

Those proponents to the idea that this school has little crowding, illustrates an idea of delusion. Visually one can see that too many people walk among the school or sit about lunch, and the idea that they cannot see such a simple fact  proves too much lunacy to contemplate.

The idea of crowding in the Dripping Springs High School may have seemed foolish years ago, but as of now it shows up as a major issue. The school may have ample capacity now, but for how long can this last. It is paramount to look into the issue of overcrowding, and to do it now before it gets to far out of hand.

By Ethan Everman, Staff Writer

Featured Photo by Savannah Karas

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