Poetry: I’ve Been Caught in the Rain

The dark cloud loomed over the streets.

 I was caught unaware of this happening.

Why wasn’t I told that this might happen?

Why did the world throw this at me with no defenses?

It left me wondering and lost.

Looking up at the passing streetlights,

I saw light reflecting off of the metal and raindrops.

Thinking back, I thought of fond memories,

Singing “Singing in the Rain” amongst childhood fears.

So, I grabbed my unbrellla, twirling it in my fingers.

I danced along the side streets,

Belting childhood songs to lighten the world.

Twirling and Dancing added joy to her soul.

When I got back to the place I call home,

All of the rooms seemed to be brighter.

By Alecia England, Contributor

Photo by Gabriele Diwald on Unsplash

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