Student Review: Hat Creek Burger Co.

Hat Creek Burger Co. is a family friendly restaurant located in Belterra Village, a new outdoor area with a plethora of restaurants, a couple of stores, and even a movie theater.

When it comes to Dripping Springs High Schools off campus lunch, this area is a hotspot considering it’s convenient location and wide variety of options. I’ve tried out quite a few of the restaurants at Belterra Village and I have yet to be disappointed. I especially enjoyed Hat Creek Burger Co. because of its homey atmosphere and tasty food.

A Hat Creek burger. Photo by Anastaiya Smith

I ordered a simple BLT with a side of fries. I know, leave it to me to order a BLT at a burger place, but I actually quite enjoyed it. The ingredients tasted fresh and the service was fast and even after spending a solid amount of time taking photos of my meal, my fries were still deliciously warm. The cherry on top was most definitely the sauce. Now, I’m a huge sauce fan and the fry sauce at Hat Creek happens to be one of my favorites. Its creamy and tangy and everything I could ask for. So, that being said, if you ever find yourself in need of a quick lunch, I highly recommend you try it out. 

– Ramsey Hutton

Featured photo by Anastaiya Smith.

Front side of Hat Creek Burger Co. Photo by Anastaiya Smith.

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