Short Story: Balloons

Sirens blared across the city of Cleveland as the rainbow cloud of death swept throughout the land. Two men had already died. Dozens more were injured in various car crashes and other accidents. Even a couple horses became fatally injured in the chaos. All of this pain and suffering from a seemingly harmless charity event. The year was 1986. The month was September. The day … Continue reading Short Story: Balloons

Short Story: The Cold War of Fifth Grade

That time again came; It is the season premiere of Downton Abbey, but that meant nothing to me. What got me jumping up and down was that while my Mom was downstairs drinking wine with her friend Jenifer, I would be upstairs with Jenifer’s daughter Delia. In my tiny bathroom we would stick our feet in a nasty blow up foot bath, and paint our … Continue reading Short Story: The Cold War of Fifth Grade

Subscribe to the Paw Print Newspaper

You can now subscribe to receive the award-winning student-produced newspaper, The Paw Print, at home and online by donating $25 to the student media program for all 7 issues. The first issue of the high school newspaper will come out October 1 with six additional issues following during the school year. If you already subscribe to the The Dripping Century News, you will receive the … Continue reading Subscribe to the Paw Print Newspaper

Short Story: Pumpkins and Chestnuts

Down in the forest, with vibrant leaves strewn about the earth and trees almost bare, there was a small homely town inhabited by animals of all shapes and sizes. Every woodland animal was a friend to all and each grew even closer with one another as winter neared, for Mr. Mauricio, the eldest mouse in the town, held a feast before hibernation. “Come quick, Dash!” … Continue reading Short Story: Pumpkins and Chestnuts

Poetry: I’ve Been Caught in the Rain

The dark cloud loomed over the streets.  I was caught unaware of this happening. Why wasn’t I told that this might happen? Why did the world throw this at me with no defenses? It left me wondering and lost. Looking up at the passing streetlights, I saw light reflecting off of the metal and raindrops. Thinking back, I thought of fond memories, Singing “Singing in … Continue reading Poetry: I’ve Been Caught in the Rain

Humans of DSHS: Samantha Rivers

Intro to Journalism students have taken to campus to find out quick stories from students and teachers in the style of Humans of New York. “Soccer is great, I’m working with the varsity girls. The upperclassmen are amazing, they are leading, and constantly silently pushing me. But it can be scary because people are judging you all the time. If you make a mistake you … Continue reading Humans of DSHS: Samantha Rivers

Student Review: Hat Creek Burger Co.

Hat Creek Burger Co. is a family friendly restaurant located in Belterra Village, a new outdoor area with a plethora of restaurants, a couple of stores, and even a movie theater. When it comes to Dripping Springs High Schools off campus lunch, this area is a hotspot considering it’s convenient location and wide variety of options. I’ve tried out quite a few of the restaurants … Continue reading Student Review: Hat Creek Burger Co.

Clear Bag Policy Will Go Into Effect

See the original article here This year at DSISD varsity home football games, a clear bag policy will go into effect in order to increase security of students and patrons. Bag size will be limited and all bags are subject to search upon entry. Patrons with non-conforming bags will be asked to return them to their cars. Bags allowed in DSISD Tiger Stadium are: ·        Clear … Continue reading Clear Bag Policy Will Go Into Effect