Find Peace and Quiet At Reimers Ranch

During the summer, everyone is looking for places to hang out and swim. Living in the Austin area is great because of the many available swimming holes, but they tend to fill up with people fast.

That is why I love Reimers Ranch. It is hidden off of Hamilton Pool Road, and not very well known. Reimers Ranch itself is a Travis County Park with lots of different features, like rock climbing, hiking, horse trails, and more.

The thing that makes it so attractive during the summer, however, is the Pedernales River flowing right through it. The water is almost always flowing, which gets rid of most bacterial concerns. If you are looking for a spot to swim that is not crowded all the time, or even just looking for a new place to switch things up a bit, I highly recommend it. The river provides a small beach along its edges and its water has shallow areas that are more than acceptable places to chill with friends. Even if there are more people there than usual, you can walk up and down the river to find a spot that works for you.

There are a couple things that are a little disappointing, those being the lack of shade (bring an umbrella or other shade item) and the fact that the water is not cold. Just a few miles away from one of Austin’s most visited swimming holes (Hamilton Pool), Reimers has gone relatively unnoticed, adding to its appeal.

The spot is also affordable, with the price coming in at just $10 per car. Overall, Reimers provides an excellent hangout spot for hot summer days.

By Mitchell Williams, Assistant Sports Editor

Featured photo by Gláuber Sampaio on Unsplash

Disclaimer: The featured photo is not of Reimers Ranch but of free photo found on Unsplash.

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