Prom From a Foreign Perspective

By Evelyn Peterson, Staff Writer

Before Prom:

Alice Massara is a foreign exchange student from Italy. She has never been to a prom because prom is an American tradition. Alice Massara tells me what she expects from prom and after the fact she told me the events of her night and whether or not her opinion changed about prom.

“I am really excited to go to prom, I am going with some friends and we are going to get ready together and have fun”

This experience of prom is new to Massara, there is no prom in Italy or even no school dances, expect on occasion.

“I am excited just to be with my friends and see what this is like because we never had anything like this in Italy. I have never been to a school dance”

There is always the time taking task of getting ready for prom and for most ladies it takes a little extra time with the make-up, hair, heels, dress, and accessories.

“I thought I was going to hate getting dressed up but I really liked finding the dress and seeing other people get excited about getting ready”

Movies put up a face for prom making it a one-time event that will be the highlight of highschool and it will be a dreamy night, one that no one could forget.

“My opinion will probably change. Because I have only seen it in movies and I am not sure if that is real or not”

After Prom:

Prom had come and gone, now Alice gives us her take on her prom went and how her opinion has changed.

“I really liked it I had a lot of fun. I will definitely miss this”

Alice Massara recounts the events of her prom night with nostalgia and a new found love for prom after her magical night had ended.

“In the beginning I had a lot of expectations, but then i started hearing people saying ‘oh I’m just gonna be there for 30 minutes and then I’m gonna go somewhere else’. So I thought no one was gonna be dancing and no one was gonna be there. But when I got there, there was a lot of people dancing and having fun.”

When Massara heads back to Italy this night will definitely be a night to tell her friends about.

Alice Massarra ended prom night feeling great and her faith restored in the prom expectations.

“Of course I am gonna miss this. I really loved it. It was a really cool experience and I am glad I did this.”

Featured photo by Alana Bruni.

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