Yearbook Distribution Next Week

The yearbooks are coming soon. Students will be able to pick up their yearbook before school and during lunches next week with a student ID or license at the front of the school in the hallway outside the nurse’s office. A staff member will announce the opening of distribution officially over the PA in the morning. Seniors will be the first allowed to pick up their books followed by the rest of the classes.

If there are overruns available to sell, they will be in the Tiger Shack after distribution for $100 on a first come first serve basis. The waitlist is simply to receive a notification as to whether there are books available to purchase.

To check whether you ordered or not, see this list here or see the list in the hall during distribution.

Before you write in your book…

  • Make sure there are 248 pages with the cover attached properly.
  • Check that there are no torn pages, smeared pages, discolored pages, or pages inserted upside down.
  • If you discover any of these flaws in printing, BEFORE you write in your book, bring it back and we can replace it. Once you have written in the book, we CANNOT replace or refund it. Put your name in your book.

After checking for torn, upside down or missing pages, put your name in your book. We are saddened when books disappear, but we cannot replace lost or stolen books. A replacement book will cost $100, IF there are any overruns available. Please be careful not to leave your book laying around.

Why wasn’t that covered?

Dripping Springs has had an exciting last few weeks and many things to celebrate! We are so proud of oursoccer teams, robotics team, golf teams, all other spring sports and UIL academic championships! However, our yearbook went to press at the beginning of March before these events happened so that we could get it back and pass it out in May. We will be mailing a supplement over the summer to try and cover these activities. Make sure to provide an accurate mailing address when picking up the yearbook. Paste the supplement into the back of your yearbook. The yearbook staff chooses what to cover and highlight and strives to be as comprehensive as possible in documenting the year.

About the mistakes…

The most expensive television show ever Game of Thrones spends $10 million per episode and left a Starbucks cup in the scene.

Believe us, we have already found them or heard about them, and we are so sad about it. Remember, this is a student created publication, made by imperfect Tigers. We try and make every effort to produce a quality, accurate account of the year, but a few mistakes are bound to happen along the way. At this time, there is nothing that we can do. Instead, please focus on all the amazing things this student project has to offer!

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