Opinion: Prom Should Be Stress-Free Fun

Prom is an important part of the high school experience and is often a big deal to graduating seniors especially. But, is it really worth all that stress?

Whether it’s the promposals or picking the right tuxedo or dress that gets you stressed, there is always something that stresses students out for the big night. People are constantly trying to outdo each other in trying to convince someone to go to prom with them. And what’s even more stressful is having to wait for someone to ask. This can make people very anxious.

Then, once you have a date, or a group of people to go with, you have to worry about the cost for prom, what you will wear, how you will get there, and then where you will go after prom. You also worry about what is going to happen during prom, and if it is as great as people make it out to be. The whole idea of prom is to have fun with your friends and have a good time, but we get so caught up in what we wear, how we look, or what we do that we forget about what it is all about.

Prom can be worth all the stress, but it is ideal to go without stress and anxiety. So, the obvious but simple solution is to stop focusing on what you will wear or how you will ask someone and focus on having fun. Sometimes simple can be better and can lead to a happier and less stressful prom.

Another factor that leads to a stressful prom is the money spent for prom. According to Credit Donkey, a study from 2012 shows that on average, people spend $231 on a dress alone. According to the Legacy Press, guys ended up spending an average of $184 for their tuxedo. A study from Visa shows that the average household spends $919 dollars on prom. Spending nearly $1,000 for one night is a little excessive for a dance where usually it’s dark and nobody can really see you. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look nice for pictures, or if you go somewhere else after the dance, but it does mean that you should go easy and not over extend yourself.

Prom is an important time for all those who participate, but the whole point of prom is to have fun, not stress yourself out, so be careful and be smart going into prom so you can have the most fun you can and have as little of the stress that usually comes with it as possible.

Written by Cooper Furlow

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