Tigers continue to have players given awards

With the season coming to the end, the tennis team reflects on how the season has gone and what plans they have for the future. The tigers had many athletes place in their district, including Tallulah Andrushko being named champion in the 25-5A district for singles.

Photo by: Gracie Johnson

While talking to some of the tennis players, they explain how they felt the season has gone for them and some of the things they have learned from this season in general.

“It’s been a good season, we’ve had some ups and downs of course , like every season goes, but generally we’ve all learned a lot and we’ve gotten a lot better as players,” Junior Gabe Mowen said.

The tigers continue to grow and improve year after year. The tigers are always looking to reflect on the past and try to prepare for the future.

     “We’ve all definitely progressed, I feel like we’re getting a lot better coaching, and learning a lot more about the game and how to play it,” Mowen said.

      With every team it is important to keep a strong bond between all the players in order to have a successful season.

    “We get along good, we all really understand each other and we know what we can and can’t say to each other, and we can all play with each other, and play against each other,” Gabe said.

    Each and every year the tigers set new standards for those who follow.

      Junior Owen Tuohy explains his hopes for the future seasons, “Hope to qualify for state as a team”

Written by: Staff writer, Collin Spires

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