Tiger Golf continues to compete at a high level

From the driving range, to the fresh cut grass of the golf course the tiger golf team continues to compete at a high level. Many of the players have set personal records and hope to continue that throughout the end of the season.

       Through ups and downs the tiger golf team continues to get right back up on there feet and continue to compete against the opponents they are faced up against.

       “The season has been really well, we kind of started off rough, but in the second half of the season, we really started to get together as a team, shooting lower, and we just won district, so yeah, it’s pretty good,” Freshman Luke Ezzell said.

        The organization has created a great group of players, and all the players continue to grow closer together as the season goes on.

        “I think at the beginning of the year, we all didn’t really know each other very well, so we didn’t talk that much, but our coach really brought us together more, and we started to have a lot more respect for each other, and that’s kind of helped along the way,” Ezzell said.

        Sports can be a great way to learn life lessons, and with this golf team, the team continues to help each other improve as a player and as a person in general.

         “They’ve really made me, like I used to get really mad at myself all of the time, but I haven’t really done that anymore, the coach has really helped me with my mentality of myself, how I think on and off the golf course, and my team, they have been encouraging me all year,” Luke said.

Written by: Collin Spires, Staff writer

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