Passionless Artists Pollute Music

Streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud are gaining plays quicker than ever. In 2018, streaming services produced an almost 50% rise in streams according to the 2018 Nielsen Music Report.

Streaming services are online and on-demand sources for music. Services like Spotify and SoundCloud offer music to be streamed in exchange for ad plays shuffled between songs or memberships. Streaming services are gaining in popularity because of how much quicker and easier it is to post, market, make and listen to music in our online world. However, because of this, streaming services are cluttered with a range of meaningful to thoughtless music.

Streaming services offer an important resource to connect with and share music. Because of these services, people today can connect and relate to a wider range of music due to the low cost of streaming compared to the purchase of a song or album. However, because of this simplicity, the rise in thoughtless music has become more apparent.

   The issue with these artists is that they don’t seem to care and it translates into their work. Artists like these post thoughtless song after song, which clutters discover pages of some of these streaming services. So, instead of being recommended thought-through music, you get intentionless repeated phrases accompanied by low-effort production. Yes, these passionless artists are contributing to streaming communities, but in a tired way. If anything, they lower the reputation of authentic artists by cluttering the standard.

Streaming services offer an influential platform to share music, however, because of this these services end up cluttered and overcrowded with forgetful music.

Written by Tessa Stigler

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