Student Newspaper Awarded First Place by American Scholastic Press Association

The Paw Print student newspaper won first place from the American Scholastic Press Association for the 2018-2019 school year – one of just 13 schools across the country to do so in their division of schools with enrollment 1701-2500 in size.

This year’s student newspaper rebranded as Paw Print after being called MyDSHSNews for a few years prior. MyDSHSNews is now the umbrella media moniker for the staff’s complimentary website and social media presence with the digital and hard copies of the monthly edition branded separately. That change was spearheaded by editors-in-chief Giselle Galletti and Camryn Horst.

“It is with continuing and great pleasure that we
announce the winners of the AMERICAN
Review and Contest Awards for scholastic newspapers
and other publications. We applaud all members for
their dedication and concern for the improvement of
their publications.”

The following is a list of the point score system.

850 – 1000 ………………. FIRST PLACE
700 – 849 ………………. SECOND PLACE
500 – 699 ………………. THIRD PLACE

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