Service Day Makes a Splash

Photo by Emily Groce.

On March 26 and 27, nearly 1,000 kids set off the do community service throughout surrounding areas in the first ever school-wide Service Day.

“Principle Burns was the initial person who came up with the idea, and then I’m a part of the Student Advisor Committee,” sophomore Bella Rodriguez said. “He brought it to that committee and told us about it and then I kind of took off with the idea with the other two students, Ali McFadden and Maverick Walker.”

Although this was a large event, only juniors and seniors were participating in the volunteering this year.

Photo by Emily Groce.

“Next year our plans are to make it school wide, [however] we’re still a little bit iffy on if we want to include freshman or not,” Rodriguez said. “It’s just you know, they’re coming from two different middle schools. But definitely including sophomores is a for sure next year.”

A few examples of the places students volunteered at are Red Arena, Dripping Springs Ranch Park, and Westcave Preserve.

“Our class went to and painted a house off of Creek Road and some of the kids in our class got to build a fence which they were super excited about,” junior Kiara Bobb said. “My job was to basically just hold the ladder, which is fine.”

The planning of Service Day took a long time to put together and come up with all the logistics to minimize any incidents that might have happened.

Photo by Nicole Watts

“There is a lot of different parts to making Service Day happen. We had to do t-shirts for everyone, coordinate Chick-fil-A lunch, and coordinating all the places, and then raising money to get all these things,” Rodriguez said. “Also transportation and logistics of what class period people should get out of and how we should group kids, so it had like five main components to it.”

As Service Day got closer to happening, several students held a lot of anticipation as they were unsure how it would play out.

“I thought we were actually going to go around, I felt like Service day was more like those people on the highways picking up trash,” junior Mariana Ramirez said. “I didn’t think it was going to be like actually picking up weeds and painting and all of that.”

Service Day managed to go on without any incidents that would have made the day’s reputation go down the drain.

“My expectations were high of it just because we had so much support, but at the same time I was ready for something to happen just being logistic.” Rodriguez said.

Junior Andrew Spiegel also went around during Service Day to film a video to promote the event next year with Rodriguez, McFadden, and Walker.

“Talking to the kids as we were going to different sites, we talked to the people who were overseeing the sites, and then talking to some of the students, I definitely think we achieved that goal, they were very happy.” Rodriguez said.

The main goal of Service Day was to get students out in the community and foster a love for volunteering if they didn’t have a love for it already.

“It was really nice to be able to go and do something that was really meaningful,” Bobb said. “That was something that these people really needed, that had a lasting impact.”

By Cady Russell, Staff Writer

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