How To Make Friends

As high school is all about social exploration, what better way than to make more friends!

The importance of attitude is underrated in this day and age. What you radiate is what you attract, and that ideal is not talked about enough. First impressions are extremely important and you can be making a first impression to someone before you even meet them. The first thing you notice about someone is often their attitude, their openness, and their body language. The way you carry yourself matters. Everyone desires to be around people that are uplifting, encouraging, and supportive. If you want to be around that, become that. This is a gradual process and takes time and dedication, but the more you try to become a beam of light and life to those around you, the more you will see the results of that. People want friends that support and encourage them while speaking truth into them. When your friends are down, uplift them. When your friends are doubting their worth, remind them. If you have ever heard the phrase “your community can either make you or break you”, you probably know the truth of that statement. Who you are around matters. The community you surround yourself with will be who you become. Surround yourself with people that bring light and positivity to those around them, and you will become positivity to those around you.

Staff Writer, Hanna Gaither

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