Editorial: Parking in Style

This year, senior students have received the privilege to go off campus for lunch. For seniors, this has been a very exciting experience and many underclassmen look forward to being able to participate. However, as seniors return at the end of their lunch, ready to park, they realize their spots are taken by underclassmen that moved their cars. For some students, this can be frustrating, as they have to park near the football fields.

At our overcrowded high school parking lots, a solution to this problem would be the possible idea of assigned parking for students. Not only would this allow a guaranteed decent parking spot every day, it could also lead to possibly being able to paint the assigned parking spots. This would be a fun idea for students to be able to express themselves.

“Seniors should get assigned parking, because they are getting in and out of their spots more than underclassmen, and they have off-campus lunch,” junior Caroline Sprague said.

Furthering this idea, seniors should also be able to paint their parking spots. It would be a great idea to raise money, especially if it went towards project graduation.

“It would be fun if there were three or four days where we could come in and paint our parking spots with our friends,” Sprague said

Painting parking spots would also be a great idea to get the school together again before the first day. Painting could take a few days, so it would be beneficial to have certain days to paint, and then everyone could finish around the same time.

“The retreat idea would be a really fun and cool way to bond with classmates,” junior Lilly Fletcher states.

“Since it is for the upcoming year, a school retreat would be fun, and it would boost school spirit,” junior Jane Unger said.

Although it would be a big responsibility to buy a parking pass, materials to paint, and possibly even an added fee to paint, it seems some students are still up to it.

“I would pay as much as a parking pass costs,” Sprague says, when talking about the additional costs.

However, some students are not as willing to pay high costs to also paint.

“I wouldn’t pay in order to paint additionally to the parking pass,” Unger says. However, she does agree that she would pay for her own materials.

Sprague brings up a great point about how to dispose of the paint near the end of the year that benefits the students and the school.

“A student could get volunteer hours to paint all the spots back to the black color,” she said.

Yet, according to Assistant Principal Michael Norton, “This is not something the school district is interested in doing.”

There are many valuable consequences that could come from the painted parking spots, such as fundraising, community service, and student bonding. However, it seems as if this idea is not going to be seriously considered in the near future.

Written by Jami Holms, Staff Writer

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