Tips From Seniors

  • Take the SAT and ACT tests multiple times. And study. Lots. Since you get to send the college your highest score, make sure that you get the opportunity to take the absolute best score and send it to colleges.
  • Get college applications in early. Procrastination is not the best idea when it comes to college applications. Most of the time, the earlier you get your application in, the earlier you get a decision back, which can ease lots of stress during your senior year.
  • Get recommendation letters from teachers during your junior year. Because most of the deadlines for applications and documents such as recommendation letters are pretty early into senior year, you will not have time to get to know your senior year teachers well enough to get a great letter from them. The earlier the better when it comes to anything having to do with college applications.
  • Join clubs. Clubs look good on your application and will definitely set you apart as an involved student. Colleges want to see a well-rounded student that is involved in their school, and joining clubs just projects that.
  • Get a job. Since your college application will include your resume, having a job will reflect maturity and responsibility and will prepare you for work in the future.
  • Your junior year class rank and GPA is what colleges will see. The first semester of junior year is arguably the most important semester of your high school career because the transcript that the high school sends to your colleges has the class rank and GPA that you receive junior year. Do not underestimate the power of studying and turning in your homework.
  • If you want to be in the top 25 percentile, take AP classes and do not take any regular classes. It is better for your GPA to make lower grades in an AP class than to make straight A’s in regular classes. AP classes will really do wonders for your GPA.
  • A 4.0 GPA is very common at our school. Just having a 4.0 GPA will not separate you from the rest of the students at our school, so make sure to join clubs and stay active in the school.

Written by Staff Writer, Hanna Gaither.

Photo by Ben Mullins on Unsplash

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