Lacrosse Hype Building

It’s a Friday night. The lights at Tiger Stadium can be seen and heard buzzing from a distance as students head into town. Pigs are being unleashed, and all havoc is breaking loose on the turf. Tigers lacrosse has built a strong program over the past few years, but there seems to be something unique developing in 2019. Junior Charlie Pouland (varsity) and junior Patrick Engelhart (JV) both had much to say about where the program is today.

“For varsity, we’re really focusing on culture this year,” Pouland said.

As for the junior varsity, Engelhart stated that their goal for this year is to develop chemistry.

“Our number one goal kind of working as a team and making the motions fluid,” Englehart said.

Engelhart also mentioned that support from the sidelines during games has been important this year.

“We’ve had guys cowering in fear, just at the sound of our bench,” he said.

Meanwhile, at the varsity level, Pouland says the team feeds off of the light energy surrounding events.

“We like to keep it live, keep it fun, add some flare here and there when we score and bring good energy,” he said.

The team brought a pig for a game earlier this season, so they’re really not messing around when they say they like to have fun.

Both the junior varsity and varsity groups enjoy support from the student body and had a couple shoutouts for students.

“Come to the varsity game on April 14 versus Lake Travis,” urged Engelhart.

“Shoutout Logan Crank number 23 and his bulldog Chubs. That thing is my spirit animal,” Pouland added.

Written by Mitchell Williams, Staff Writer

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