Helping Others: Two Brothers Gather Items For Donations in Mexico

In a rural town in Mexico, two brothers hand out items of every use and size. Children hug soccer balls in their packaging and teachers grasp half used pencils, pencils desperately needed for their classrooms.

Brothers Gustavo and Eduardo Maldonado bring items collected from the community to communities in Mexico every year.

“We’re just trying to help people, other families who need it. We’re trying to show all the students how [they] can help without like, using money, but just the things we are not using.” Gustavo Maldonado, junior, said.

The brothers are adamant about how anything can help, from half a pencil without eraser to a notebook worn with use.

“We used to help in Mexico like that and we moved here and we see a lot of people throw their things away, so we can recycle them and [for] other families.” Maldonado said.

The brothers were featured in a video that promotes the new DSHS Service Day that is happening for the first time this March.

“It is important to me because we can, as the students, we can see how [we] always help, somehow, someway.” Maldonado said.

The brothers collect both items and money to buy new things for the communities they donate to.

“We’re just anyone who wants to help, we don’t ask anyone to help, we are just open hands and we receive anything we that can help. So that’s how you can help us.” Maldonado said.

The communities that do get these donations are often in desperate need of the items brought to them, whether it is school supplies or toys for children.

“They just are surprised. We don’t know them, we can help them. We don’t know who they are or anything else like that, [and] they are like very thankful for that.” Maldonado said.

While the program is very small right now, the brothers hope it will continue after they graduate and move away.

“We’re planning, even if we graduate, [that] someone takes that responsibility and keep doing it, and not just in Mexico but everywhere, even here in school or community, [to] just keep doing it.” Maldonado said.

While the brothers do help in Mexico, they hope their work will spill out into the community and inspire people to help even after the service day has ended.

“We have to love others and we always can help,” Maldonado said, “That’s the main point, the idea, we can always help somehow. It’s easy to help.”

By Cady Russell, Staff Writer

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