For the Love of Art

The inspiration for a pattern comes like a lightbulb. Bright colors flash across a page. The love for art is prevalent within her happy demeanor. It is evident how much she enjoys herself, immersed in what she does.

Melissa Richardson, sophomore, won the Permanent School Fund (PSF) Logo Contest on February 1. Richardson, however, looks to more than just winning, but rather her love for everything she does.

“Honestly I was just so thankful and grateful and it just made me so happy.” Richardson said.

Richardson heard about the contest from her art teacher, Jay Bates.

“I read this article about how so many people fail to enter things because they’re afraid, and so I was like, ‘you know what? I’m going to get over that fear and just gonna go for it.” Richardson said.

Richardson’s mother is her inspiration; she is a graphic designer.

“Since I was really young she’s always been like, ‘oh my gosh Melissa you have to try this’ and I’ve always been interested to see what she does so you know I’ll be like learning Illustrator and she’d be like “do this, change this’ like you know, we work together.” Richardson said.

Graphic design is different from art, something Richardson is also well adapt in. Graphic design is all online, and Richardson uses Adobe Illustrator to do her work.

“It’s the idea of taking and image in your head and really getting it out there, and it’s not just a drawing, it’s something that you can manipulate and you can change however you want. You know, if you need to make something bigger or smaller you don’t just have to make a whole new image you can just alter them right there.” Richardson said.

Richardson’s beginnings lay in art. She takes Pre-AP Art Three at the highschool and is constantly seen with some type of art project in her hands.

“It’s just my favorite thing to do. I guess color is a really big thing in my mind because it just triggers something that just makes me happy and it forces me to like work on patience but also work on getting my ideas out there because my mind is very crazy. A lot of stuff going on [in there].” Richardson said.

Richardson is also involved in plenty of extracurricular activities, ranging from sports to clubs she helped found.

“I play soccer and I’m actually a part of the Lend a Hand club where we’re building prosthetic hands for people who need them. Book Club, great club, love it. I’m in National Art Honor Society, that one is really cool, the people are great. And I’m in Kindness Club. I just love the name. I joined it because I thought there needs to be more kindness in this world.

Richardson also is incredibly passionate about girl power along with everything else she does.

“I’m part of the Empowering Women club, because you know, girl power because that’s so important to me, like inspiring people. I know we live in Dripping Springs but like women around the world especially in countries in the Middle East or girls that don’t feel as confident as we do.” Richardson said.

“I love making patterns and colors and looking at the positive and negative space,” Richardson said, “I just love it.”

By Cady Russell, Staff Writer

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