Swimming to the top

Swimming is a very diverse sport, with many different events that players compete in. The Tigers had a lot of seniors leave, and a lot of students step up to the events. With harsh weather conditions they continue to work, compete, and place high in competitions.

“I would say that this season’s been different because we’ve kind of come together with relays and everything like working together as a whole to the point where, like the boys were able to break a school record, and we got one of our relays to state, for the first time in awhile, that I know of,” Sophomore Rafe Vickery said.

Both the girls team and the boys team have had a huge impact this season, both helping the other team gain more points in each meet.

“Our team’s biggest strengths is our girls team for sure. They scored us multiple points, and have qualified for state multiple times,” Sophomore Kasen Embry says.

Training for the sport can be very time consuming because multiple athletes are involved with many different events.

“I’ve tried to train really hard, not going to say that I’ve trained harder than anyone else, we’ve all trained really hard, with competing against each other in practice everyday, and kind of just pushing each other everyday, it’s really good, because its like were racing everyday, so we’re all getting a lot faster,” Rafe said.

Every team has the goal of getting better each day, but that is not the only thing the swim team has planned for the future.

“Our team’s goals were just to have fun through the season. The grind for getting fast is there everyday, but at the end of the day we all just want to have fun. The meets were a way of bonding us together as a team. We’re all family and that was our team goal, was to create a family that we all can have fun with,” Embry stated.

Written by: Staff Writer, Collin Spires

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