Track off to a great start

With the new track season on its way, athletes discuss how this season is different and what they are expecting for the future. Each year many athletes are stepping up in order to fill the big shoes left from last years seniors.

Photo by: Cole Ary

The seniors last year had left a strong impact on the rest of the team, “For Discus and Shot this year is really different because we lost our best Disc thrower and our team is really young. With Coach King, we are focusing a lot more on fundamentals and technique instead of just chunking it out there and hoping it goes far. Shot Put also lost a good player but they still have plenty of good throwers,” junior Keith Bottles said.

Not only has the loss of seniors been a big challenge that the Tigers have had to face, but injuries have played a big role as well.

When asked about different obstacles in a season junior Chris Cohen said, “Yes, there have been many obstacles for me, I have had an injury every year since 8th grade.”

Preparation is super important in track because of all the fundamentals that go along with the sport. The team has been practicing and getting ready for the new competition that they will face this season.

“To prepare for a meet you really just have to remember what you learned in practice. You have to picture yourself getting it right. However, you don’t want to overthink it because that can throw you off and cause you to make mistakes, Bottles explained.

Nutrition is also super vital in sports such as track. Athletes explain how they eat and how they prepare for an upcoming meet.

“To prepare for a meet, I carb load the night before and the morning before I take an ice bath,” Chris explained.

Each year new leaders have stepped up to the table and have been great role models for the rest of the team. The team has a very strong relationship and looks to continue that for a very long time.

“The team is pretty close because we are always around each other in and outside of school. When you are competing with the people that you sweat and workout with, you are pretty close,” Keith said.

Like all teams, the main goal in a season is to go all the way and win it all. The Tigers look to continue their successful season and earn the District title.

“As a Dripping Springs High School Team we are always looking to win District. The throwers are looking to throw the farthest in our district and do the best we can,” Keith said.

Written by Staff writer, Collin Spires

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