Why You Should Be a Camp Counselor This Summer

Summer is only a few short months away and with that in mind, camps are starting to hire camp counselors! This opportunity is offered by many different summer camps and many day camps hire high schoolers. Being a camp counselor is a life changing experience even if you don’t plan on working with kids in the future. As long as you like having fun, camp is an awesome experience. Take the chance to be a positive impact in the lives of children in our community! I have had the opportunity to both volunteer at a summer camp and work at a summer camp and both were incredible opportunities that absolutely changed my life and I would recommend to anyone and everyone to at least try to be a camp counselor because I do not think anyone would regret it. Below is a list of camps that I have either had the pleasure of working at, or have heard good things about:

  • DSISD Camp Venture- Junior Camp Counselor. The perfect day camp experience right in our own home town! This will truly be an unforgettable experience as you get to have fun with kids all summer long! I had the pleasure of working at this camp last summer and it was the most incredible experience. It’s like a party everyday!
  • We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym (Austin)- Play coach. The perfect job for someone who has a passion for kids with special needs. Summer Camp is all summer long and is tons of fun! I have worked multiple camps at this gym and it is the most life-changing organization to be a part of. They champion inclusion and embrace fun! Find the contact info for the gym here: http://www.werockthespectrumaustin.com/
  • Kidventure- Summer Camp Counselor. Kidventure is talked about all around Austin and well known as an amazing summer camp. Get the chance to lead and be a role model to kids as well as have lots of fun all summer! Find more at: https://kidventure.com/jobs/
  • Austin Sunshine Camps- Camp Counselor. Austin Sunshine Camps is a non-profit organization that empowers youth in Austin. Working with this camp would be such an enriching experience to give back to the community while also making bank! Find more info here: https://www.sunshinecamps.org/seasonal-employment/
  • Pine Cove- Day Camp Counselor. Pine Cove is a well-known Christian summer camp for both overnight camps and day camps. They have multiple locations and focus on outdoor activities. You will get the opportunity to impact kid’s lives everyday. Find more info: https://www.pinecove.com/summer-jobs/

Written by Staff Writer, Hanna Gaither.

Photo by Michael Nunes on Unsplash

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