Seven qualify for state in VASE art competition

cover piece by Jacob Pedersen

On Saturday, seven students qualified for the Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) state competition in April after success at the Region 13 South event in San Marcos with 53 medals awarded to Tigers.

by Melissa Richardson

State Qualifiers:

Isabelle Avena

Vasi Bjeletich

Katie Hilton

Jade Howe

Hailey Kirkup

Jacob Pedersen

Melissa Richardson – two pieces qualified

Medal winners for scoring a 4 out of 4 from the judges:

Gabrielle Avena

Jade Berry 

Karlee Carter

Lily Cloud

Cat Covatta

London Farris

Allie Haberman

Maddie Hassell

Royce Heflin

Haley Hetherington

Sydney Hetherington

Katie Hilton

Jade Howe

Ella Johnson

Jazzy Kane

Aidan Kappler

Angie Lepe-Silva

Lyndsay Lester

Jonathan Manzello

Mikey Marquez

Kora Meyers

Lillian Redmond

Estee Revill

Mary Smith

Megan Wolter

Kyndall Womack

Emma Maebius

Katherine Mahaly

Katherine Mitchell

Michelle Miyamoto

Delia Smith

Myia Weeden

Multiple medal winners:

Isabelle Avena

Vasi Bjeletich

Emily Dart

Maya Diaz

Hailey Kirkup

Jacob Pedersen

Melissa Richardson

Aurora Sloan

Grace Maddux

Hannah Mitchell

Emily Pundt

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