Room Decor/ Organization Tips

As a current senior, I have learned that having a clean, organized room contibutes greatly to the way my day unfolds, as well as diminishes my stress levels. When my room is clean, I feel a sense of productivity, making it easier to focus on other day-to-day challenges or studying. Now, as I am preparing for moving out and starting college, I am prepping for having a clean, organized, as well as aesthetically pleasing room, which I believe is a huge step into adulthood. Although I often struggle with this, these tips have been very beneficial for me.


Tip #1: Have a home for everything

Having a specific place for everything leaves little room for clutter. If you have a place for everything (not just on the floor or in a corner), it will also make cleaning easier.

Tip #2: Have a laundry hamper

Instead of throwing clothes on the floor, have a laundry basket in your room or closet. Also, having a small trash bin in your room will help keep your space clean.

Tip #3: Try to keep counters and nightstands clear

Keeping clutter off of counters and nightstands and finding a hidden home for random objects makes your room appear more clean!

Tip #4: Utilize under bed space

Espescially going into college, dorm rooms and apartments aren’t always spacious. Utilizing storage under the bed is a good way to store clothes that are out of season, bulky coats, or even blankets.

Tip #5: Buy practical decor

If the decor you are bringing or purchasing is just going to take up useful space, ask yourself if it is really necessary. Side tables with storage or shelves are a good way to make a statement while also allowing for space.


Tip #1: Have a color scheme

For me, my room is also my place for studying. Having a color scheme makes the space less chaotic and more relaxing.

Tip #2: Photo Wall

Espescially for my fellow seniors, a photo wall is a good reminder of home if you aren’t staying close. Simple, inexpensive, and trendy, a photo wall is a good way to fill a blank wall with memories.

Tip #3: Use tape as picture frames

If a photo wall isn’t something that interests you, hanging one photo, piece of artwork, or map with washers tape as a border is a great way to add texture and color to a wall.

Tip #4: Painted Storage bins

Storage bins are already a great idea to stay organized, whether it’s in your closet, pantry, or for under the bed storage, but painting them is a great way to spice things up.

Tip #5: Corkboards and Pegwalls

Simple, cute, and effective, corkboards and pegwalls are a good way to hang photos, to-do lists, or your calendar for the week.

Written by: Camryn Horst, Editor in Chief and Lifestyle Editor

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