Biking to the top

Riding a bike on rough terrain for many miles can bring out challenges like an obstacle course where there are lots of rocks, sharp turns, and even sudden elevation changes. Sophomore John Yim explains his experience with the club and how it is not only unique in the racing portion, but also meeting new people and creating new experiences with others.

“I think the amount that you travel is pretty special, I like going places with the people that you meet is cool,” Yim says.

A lot of things happen when you are competing in a mountain bike race. Yim explains to us what to expect when you are entered into a race and the details of one of these events.

“So they group you up by categories, so that’s the distance, I think it’s like 8 to 10 miles, and then it goes 16-20 miles, and then I want to say 25-30 miles, something like that. And then from there it goes by age so youngest kids to oldest kids or not kids, but people, it goes up to like over 60 years old,” John explains.

Getting to explore new places is always a cool experience. The mountain biking club has traveled to many places all around the state of Texas, but some even have taken place outside of the state.

“All sorts of places, San Angelo Texas, Comfort Texas, I can’t remember the name of the town, but there is a town in like northern Louisiana, out towards Bastrop, towards Dallas,” Yim said.

These races consist of long distances and courses that you may not be familiar with. Yim explains what his biggest struggles have been so far in the season.

“The stamina training, yeah my stamina is not the greatest out of the people in the club, so just riding everyday and getting that up has been the hardest for me,” John says.

Written By: Collin Spires, Staff Writer

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