From Norway to America: From Field To Field

Imagine being 5,000 miles away from home. Instead of snow there’s grass, and instead of heavy jackets there’s spring sweaters. Instead of speaking Norwegian, the majority of people speak English. It’s a totally different world.

Junior Marie Eldhuset is an exchange student from Norway, who transferred to Dripping Springs from Idaho mid November.

“School’s different, very different. We didn’t have any school teams. We don’t want to be at school at all really so when school’s over we just go home and do our different stuff. We play for club teams no matter what.” Eldhuset, said.

Eldhuset plays goalkeeper for the both the JV and varsity girls soccer teams, but can not play varsity in district until her papers from Idaho get transferred.

“I was at school in like third grade and all the boys were playing soccer and I didn’t have a lot of friends so I just jumped in and started playing with them.” Eldhuset said.

Eldhuset has since then embraced soccer as one of her passions in life, talking about the thrill of saving a ball.

“We had a tournament where we was in official national championship and we were in the quarterfinals and there were two people coming towards me and I saved it and we won the game and then we won all of it so we became official Norwegian champions.” Eldhuset said.

After winning the National Championship, Eldhuset has gotten more opportunities in soccer.

“From then on it’s just gone up. I started playing for the women’s team, and it’s just been amazing.” Eldhuset said.

While the game of soccer is the same in both America and Norway, the differences far outweigh the similarities between the two countries.

“In Norway you don’t talk with people unless you know them in a way. And here if you meet someone and you think their pants are cool you like say it to them, but that would never happen in Norway. You’d maybe take like a sneak picture of it and then text your friend ‘I love those pants’ but you wouldn’t say it to them in person.” Eldhuset said.

Soccer may not change on how it is played but there are different rules regarding things like clothing worn.

“If we had like maroon shorts, you have to have maroon spandex. But in Norway I would usually just use black. I don’t care about the color. And goalies are allowed to wear a cap whenever it’s sunny during a game so we don’t blinded.” Eldhuset said.

“I’m so thankful for this opportunity,” Eldhuset said, “and it’s just been so fun.”

Written by Cady Russell, Staff Writer

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