Men’s Volleyball on Long Journey

Zach Steiner is a part of the Men’s Volleyball team, who have worked hard to become a relevant athletic team at the school. Steiner enjoys his time with the program, and mentions the things he delights in most.

“We get to show up to tournaments and impress people that think we’re just a little piece of dust, but really they see that we can actually play.”

The reason the team needs to “impress people” enlies in their national ranking. They are currently ranked sixth worst in the country, but they are steadily working to improve. They also are just getting started competitively, so the rank can be a little deceiving.

“We have had a team for five years, but it was not until last year that we started doing tournaments.”

Zach expressed his favorite part of showing the doubters his skills.

“We show them that we can actually put in hard serves and hard hits.”

This season has gotten off to a slow start, but Zach sees a brighter future ahead for the team. This year could present a leap for the upstart program.

“We have had one tournament so far, and we played well, but we lost the tournament. But we’ll win some.”

The future of the Men’s Volleyball team is bright in their eyes; they would love to see that same optimism from fan support and outside viewers.

Written by: Mitchell Williams, Staff Writer

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