Puppy Shower Success

On January 11th, the DSHS Paws club concluded the month long fundraising campaign to raise donations and supplies for a new litter of service dogs being raised by the Freedom Canine International (FCI) organization.  The club was successful in getting the students involved with the community and were happy to have reached such a high number of donations from the student body.  “We chose to … Continue reading Puppy Shower Success

Bandersnatch Review

The series “Black Mirror” created by Charlie Brooker has captured the attention of Dripping Springs viewers since it’s Netflix premiere in late October of 2016. Before the American release of “Black Mirror” it captivated viewers in The United Kingdom. Brooker’s most recent release, “Bandersnatch” is sweeping the nation, grabbing the attention of people of all ages. If you haven’t heard already, “Bandersnatch” is interactive, meaning … Continue reading Bandersnatch Review