Why I Have a Love/Hate Relationship With Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: the one day a year to celebrate and focus on the people we love most. In my observation, some people love it, and most people hate it. I fall in-between, and here’s why:

I absolutely love the idea of celebrating love. I am a big fan of stuffing my face with chocolate, stuffed bears, the color pink, and all other things that scream “Valentine’s Day”. I love cherishing the people in my life and getting a day specifically dedicated to those I love, but for all the other singles out there, the romanticization of Valentine’s Day still remains. The unspoken expectation that Valentine’s Day is for couples creates a silent exclusivity surrounding this day. For some, including myself, it is just a day that reminds people of their loneliness. If Valentine’s was not centered around romantic love, maybe, just maybe, no one would hate it.

Another issue that arises in my mind when thinking about Valentine’s Day is the fact that this is the only day a year that is dedicated to appreciating the ones around us. Whether it is platonic or romantic, loving those around us should not just be a one day event. In a way, it lessens the importance of showing love to the people around us.

A solution I propose, is that we- as singles, couples, and everything in between- make this day our own. Let us celebrate the mushy-gushy love if we please. Let us celebrate the people we love. Let us stuff our faces with chocolate, and cry over chick flicks all night long. Let us hate Valentine’s day, or love it.

So while I prepare myself for the overload of “Happy Valentine’s to the best boyfriend/girlfriend!” that will undoubtedly flood my feed on every social media app I own, I remind you to make this day what you want it to be and surround yourself with those you love.

Written by Staff Writer, Hanna Gaither

Featured Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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