Austin, meet the MLS

Austin, live music capital of the world, will be adding a new source of entertainment to the already diverse, “weird” city. Major League Soccer or better known as the MLS has announced an expansion bid to the capital of Texas. “Austin FC” is to join as the 27th team in 2021.

There are many positives when it comes to hosting a franchise in an area like Austin. Obviously there’s the income that will come with ticket sales and merchandise, as well as the job opportunities that will arise with the construction of the building, but bringing the community together and improving the overall culture within a community. Austinites tend to connect through art, music, and literature but it is finally time to add professional sports to that category.

The negatives are glaring, however. The new stadium will not be in the heart of Austin and instead on the outskirts in North Austin, causing possible transportation issues.

After weighing the positives and negatives, it seems that Austin FC is simply for the best. Looking towards the future, the soccer team will generate a lot of income for the city as well as strengthening the already diverse culture that Austin has.

Written by Sports Editor Rigley Willis

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