Full Plate: Sophomore Has Future in Sight

A future of long hours nursing, her own dance studio, on top of providing customers with her own makeup looks illustrates how nothing can stop the path sophomore Dana Kennedy is on to achieve her goals and make her dreams come to life.

     As a hard working sophomore in high school, Kennedy is trying to achieve her dream of becoming a professional in the healthcare field while still dancing. 

     “I want to move to New York  and be able to have my own dance studio and be a nurse,” Kennedy said.

     To accomplish those dreams will take long days, much studying, and hard work. 

     “I feel like if she’s dedicated to something, she’s going to put 100 percent into it,” friend Kylin Richardson said. 

     Kennedy also ambitiously strives for more than just dance and nursing in her future. 

     “[I want to] be able to have a photography company running as well as makeup artist company running,” Kennedy said. 

     She has piled a lot on her plate for her future, and she plans on achieving all of it.

     “She works super hard for what she wants to accomplish, being the best at Hi-Steppers she can,” best friend Shelby Martin said.

     Kennedy has her goals set and her future in her head. While she works hard at achieving her plans for her future, she also has time for her social life. 

     “She’s fun, and loving,” Martin said. “She’s awesome.”

Written by Mckenzie Mellen

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