OPINION: Food Here is Good

While most schools are notorious for never serving the greatest food, it is safe to say that our school has really made some improvements. Since the fall semester has started, I am one who has bought lunch almost every day. Although this doesn’t make me an expert of any sort, I think I have tried enough of the food to say I know what is good and what is not.

Since I seem to be so opinionated about the food the school is serving, I thought it would only make sense if I listed my top favorite foods. While everyone interprets food differently, there is bound to be one of your favorites on here.

Pizza Sticks

Is there really even an explanation for this one? Pizza sticks combine two of my favorite foods, mozzarella sticks and pizza! Honestly, as soon as I tried these, I knew I would not be able to restrain myself from them. I don’t really know if they are homemade or just heated up, but, either way, they are doing something right. The only downside to the sticks is the fact that mozzarella sauce is needed to go with them or they just don’t taste as good.

Grandma’s Vanilla Cookies

I know that these in no way count as a main course, but they are so good I had to include them. These cookies have been around since day one, but they never get old. For some reason, they taste better than any Oreo cookie I have had. It may have to do with the fact that in a mini cookie, the cream to cookie ratio is perfect. Plus, they are mini cookies, so you are tricking yourself into thinking it is not as bad for you!

Sandwich Line

Honestly, our school really hooked it up with this line. It seems I always find myself here because I get to make my own sandwich. When I get tired of making it one way, I can just change it up for the day. It does not quite compare to going to Thundercloud, however, it is still good.


Of course, I had to include my all-time favorite food, because what else would this be? However, the regular fries at our school (not the curly ones) are surprisingly good. Somehow they managed to make them taste like they aren’t frozen? Honestly, these will always have a place in my heart.


I think the breadsticks at our school are definitely a crowd favorite. The perfect thing about the breadsticks is that they really don’t need to be eaten with anything else; granted, it probably is not the best meal. The buttery outer layer makes these easy to crave. Plus, breadsticks are simply one of the best things to eat.

Frozen Yogurt

I mean, if you are really craving something sweet, this is perfect for you. You get different flavors of yogurt and different toppings. It is refreshing and delicious, and there is not much else to it. Now, I am not saying this is the best yogurt around, but it is a little underappreciated. Overall, yogurt just makes people happy.

Pizza Squares

If you thought I was done talking about pizza-type things the school serves, then you thought wrong. Now, these don’t vary from the pizza sticks a whole lot, but they are just as delicious. Luckily, these are a lot smaller, so if you aren’t feeling super hungry, these are a good alternative. Again, mozzarella sauce is needed, however it is not the end of the world. It is a little bite of pizza heaven.

Fruit Cup

Now, this one may be a very unpopular opinion, but a fruit cup is one of my go-to sides. If I feel like I need something on the healthier side, the fruit cup is perfect for that. It has just the perfect serving of fruit, and there is also a variety of fruit. I think, it is a perfect healthy alternative than just getting one fruit!

Bosco Sticks

Apparently, if something is cheesy and in stick form, we all love it. Bosco sticks are just another delicious thing in the lines. I do not want to go as far as saying it is pizza wrapped in breading, but, let’s get real, it is pizza wrapped in breading. Gluten and dairy just mix so well.

Egg Rolls

Of course, the egg rolls cannot be forgotten. Switching it up from the classic American foods, a little twist is added every now and again. I can safely say, they are a crowd pleaser. I mean, it is an egg roll: what is there not to love about it?

Written by Jami Holms, Staff Writer

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