Climb to the Top: Junior Competes on Rocks

Rock Climbing has the most some of the most diverse competitions and challenges. You never know what your going to face until you do it. Junior Caden Getty explains the experience he has had with rock climbing so far, and his motivation that keeps him going. Trying new things can help you figure out what you want to pursue. 

“Tournaments, I didn’t actually know we had until we got into the [Sport], because I didn’t know we were going to go all over the U.S, but when I realized it was, I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to go all over the U.S to explore more,” Getty said.

Competing against yourself can bring out the true character in people. Not only does competing against great climbers make you better, but pushing yourself to be better each day is one of the greatest motivations. 

“In rock climbing it’s not really about competition against others, it’s competing against yourself, you need to compete against yourself to get that climb, and the environment there is just awesome, everybody is cheering you on, even your opponents,” Getty said. 

Things might not always go in your favor, so you must keep trying your best in every single situation that you might encounter.

“The biggest struggle is definitely not knowing what is going to be there when you get there, because when you get to a meet you have never been there before, you don’t know any of the climbs, so you have to kind of mentally prepare yourself to know that you have to be open to different climbs,” Getty said.

Written by Collin Spires

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