Feeling the Christmas Spirit

       Christmas has always brought a special feeling for many. The dazzling lights, gingerbread scents, red and green decorations, and the music brings a welcoming feeling. As the cold weather kicks in and December rolls around, it isn’t hard to remember why Christmas is so loved and a favorite holiday for many.

     The first step in getting into the Christmas spirit is definitely decorating the house and listening to the best Christmas jams. Decorations vary from family to family, but each step comes with its own set of memories. Sophomore Helena Bjeletich says her favorite Christmas decoration is the “tree and the lights.” It isn’t necessarily the action of putting the tree up for Bjeletich, but getting to “share memories of past broken ornaments and laugh” is one of her favorite things to remember.Oreo balls

     Bringing out all the decorations definitely comes with its own set of Christmas smells. Some people enjoy all the scented candles and sweet smells, but Bjeletich just enjoys “the smell of the heater” because for some reason it “smells like Christmas.” Sometimes just enjoying the little things like the heater can make Christmas so sweet. On the other hand, junior Ryan McCartney is particular when it comes to his Christmas smells. The suburban house smell of “the cinnamon chestnut plug in candle” brings a smile to his face.

     One of the best features of Christmas is the activities to do in the cold or in the warmth of one’s own home. For McCartney “making cookies that never look good” is one of the best activities to do.

     Although many people cherish Christmas for the presents, it is also a destresser and a time to spend with family. Bjeletich thinks of Christmas as being with family and she loves the plus of taking a break from her “busy school life”. Christmas will always be a time for laughter and celebration and for some just decorations and presents are meaningful. However, no one can forget the joy of Christmas bringing family and friends together. As McCartney puts it “everyone generally has more of a heart and are truly kind to others.”

Written by Jami Holms

Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash 

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