Up Here On Horseback

Horseback riding takes more trust and practice then it seems. Building a strong relationship between the horse and the rider can completely change how well they do in competitions. Junior Hannah Mitchell describes the relationship with her horse and the experiences she has encountered.

“[Horseback riding] has kind of made me the person that I am today. I’ve been doing it since I was 4 years old, it’s kind of been one of the few constant things in my life that has been there for over 90% of my life,” senior Hannah Mitchell said.

Every sport brings its own unique attributes to the table. Diversity is what makes the entire sports world amazing.

“A Lot of people don’t think that horseback riding is a sport, but it actually really is. Especially since you use your entire body and your communicating with a 1,200 pound animal that doesn’t speak our language and is scared of everything from a plastic bag flapping in the wind, to his shadow,” Mitchell explained.

Like any other sport, there are struggles that come along. It’s how you respond that shows how dedicated you are to that sport. Hannah explains the struggles of finding the right horse that works the best for her and the events that she does.

“Recently, its been trying to find a horse that will match my experience level and can do I want them to do, because last year I had my regular competition horse had to have surgery and had to be put into a working retirement, because we didn’t want him to do the same level of competition that I was wanting him to do, and then the horse I had that was supposed to be my next horse after that, he came up lame and just trying to diagnose him would of been thousands of dollars and were like yeah, you are not in pain, whenever you’re just out in the field, you can go be a pasture pony and we found him another home,” Mitchell said.

Written by Collin Spires

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