First run on off campus lunch

     Off campus lunches are a new policy that was implemented at the beginning of this school year, giving seniors the opportunity to leave campus for lunches.

     “I think it’s a good idea to keep [off campus lunch],” senior Kayleigh Dodson said. “It gives us freedom, and it’s a little break from school which is nice.”

     Assistant Principal Michael Norton explains that off campus lunches were given to the students this year because of the increasing demand for the policy, as well as the increasing number of students in the cafeteria.

     “We already have a lot of kids that are off campus because they’re taking ACC courses. They’re in internships, PALS, etc,” he said. “We have kids running around everywhere already, so there was already a lot of kids eating off campus lunch.”off campus lunch

     There are several underclassmen that wish they could leave campus like the seniors, and even though it’s prohibited, there have been a few instances of juniors trying to leave campus.     

     “We have parking lot attendants that patrol that area, and when they need back up, they radio for help,” counselor Jennifer Foreman said.

     The idea to allow students to have an off campus lunch had been pushed around for a while, but administrators finally decided to give it a try.

    “The principal and the assistant principals have been kicking this around for some time,” Foreman said. “I think it was a group decision, but [the counselors] didn’t have anything to do with it.”

     When off campus lunches were first introduced to the seniors, there was a rush during the lunches of everyone trying to leave campus every day, but since then, it has slowed down.

     “Students have gotten into a good rotation of going, ‘Okay, I’ll eat in the cafeteria a couple of days and go into Schlotzsky’s Friday’,” Norton said. “It’s going smoothly; there hasn’t been any complaints.”

     Although there was some initial worry about the off campus lunch policy, administration has said that there have been very few problems with the students abusing the policy.

     “There really hasn’t been any issues,” Norton said. “It’s just one of those things where it’s a privilege, not a right. We can certainly shut it down if we start having issues.”

Written by Emily Roper

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