OPINION: Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Arguably one of the most controversial yet unspoken topics that our students are dealing with is mental health.       The current health services offered by our school only pertain to physical health and preventing the spreading of illness, according to the district website. Although guidance and counseling are provided, the perception of school counselors is that they are only there for school-related issues and … Continue reading OPINION: Let’s Talk About Mental Health

OPINION: Simply Sort to be Green

     Lunch is chaotic – a 45-minute time frame that goes by in a flash. Once those minutes are up, hundreds of students in the cafeteria congregate at the trash trolleys, where they are expected to sort each item properly. In the chaos that inevitably ensues, I’ve personally encountered dozens of students rushing to throw away their trash, and instead of sorting it into … Continue reading OPINION: Simply Sort to be Green

3 HOSA Students Qualify for State

Last week, a total of 44 HOSA students tested in a variety of medical online individual and partner events. “Overall, we performed well, and I am proud of each one of them for their hard work and dedication,” Jessica Chambers, HOSA sponsor, said. “These are self-motivated students that love to learn about health and wellness. I am so excited for their future.” The following students … Continue reading 3 HOSA Students Qualify for State

Santa Claus: the Man, the Myth, the Legend

     Each year when December strikes, holiday spirit dives into the hearts children at full-force, bringing with it an abundance of joy, laughter, and a belief in the impossible. But as kids grow older, this belief becomes further and further out of reach until even Santa Claus is just a distant memory.      There comes a time within every child’s life when central … Continue reading Santa Claus: the Man, the Myth, the Legend

OPINION: Stop Canceling People

In high school culture, social media is rampant. We use Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter to connect with each other through story times and shared experiences. However, a new trend has emerged among almost all of our social media platforms: canceling. Canceling is the act of boycotting a specific person or brand for acting in a controversial, and often offensive, manner.      Canceling is actually … Continue reading OPINION: Stop Canceling People

Climb to the Top: Junior Competes on Rocks

Rock Climbing has the most some of the most diverse competitions and challenges. You never know what your going to face until you do it. Junior Caden Getty explains the experience he has had with rock climbing so far, and his motivation that keeps him going. Trying new things can help you figure out what you want to pursue.  “Tournaments, I didn’t actually know we … Continue reading Climb to the Top: Junior Competes on Rocks

Feeling the Christmas Spirit

       Christmas has always brought a special feeling for many. The dazzling lights, gingerbread scents, red and green decorations, and the music brings a welcoming feeling. As the cold weather kicks in and December rolls around, it isn’t hard to remember why Christmas is so loved and a favorite holiday for many.      The first step in getting into the Christmas spirit … Continue reading Feeling the Christmas Spirit